After Diablo Immortal, Blizzard scares Overwatch 2 fans with cosmetic prices

A recent Overwatch 2 survey has prompted dismay over the potential cost of cosmetic items in the upcoming hero shooter, although Blizzard maintains the sky-high prices are not set in stone.

Blizzard recently sent select members of the Overwatch 2 community a survey to gauge their expectations over the cost of cosmetic items. As captured by @Portergauge on twitter (opens in new tab), it included some notably high prices. Players were asked if they would be willing to pay $45 (about £36 / AU$65) for a Mythic Rare skin, $24.99 (about £20 / AU$36) for a slightly less rare Legendary Skin, or as much as $9.99 (about £ 10 / AU$14) for a visual weapon charm.

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