Final Fantasy 16 gets release date and chaotic new revenge-centric trailer

Final Fantasy 16 finally has a release date after revealing a new gameplay trailer at The Game Awards 2022. We now have a little deeper understanding of the medieval vibes and the monsters that will be encountered on the journey.

After much anticipation, Final Fantasy 16 is set to release on June 22, 2023, which means RPG fanatics across the world will have to wait around half a year to experience the next entry in the long running series.

The Witcher: Blood Origin star isn’t aware of season 3 appearance rumors

Potential spoilers for The Witcher: Blood Origin follow.

The Witcher: Blood Origin star Minnie Driver has hinted that she won’t appear in the third season of Netflix’s main Witcher series.

The iPhone 15 Ultra could be as expensive as we feared

Any iPhone with Ultra in the name would always be expensive and therefore it is no surprise to learn that the supposed iPhone 15 Ultra could cost even more than the iPhone 14 Pro Max.

That’s according to LeaksApplePro – a leaker with a respectable track record – who, writing for How to solve (opens in new tab), stated that the iPhone 15 Ultra can start as low as $1,299. Pricing for other regions hasn’t been provided, but Apple currently sells the 512GB iPhone 14 Pro for that price, and elsewhere it’s £1,429 / AU$2,249, so those prices would likely apply here as well.

The best folding e-bikes 2022: compact cycles

The best folding e-bikes make electronic commuting a more portable affair. Because they’re designed to fold up to be more compact, you have the added benefit of being able to store them in smaller spaces than regular bikes would require, as well as easily loading them onto public transport and taking them into the office. You simply fold yours and place it out of the way.

Electric bikes are a great option for getting around town, taking the sweat out of commuting tasks, and e-bikes that fold are even better. And while folding e-bikes are typically heavier than their non-folding counterparts due to the need for sturdy frames with sturdy knuckles, but even that is becoming less of an issue with models like the Gocycle G4 and MiRider. One, which weigh just over 17 kg. each.

Amazon Echo Show 15 finally becomes the kitchen TV it always wanted to be

What looks and works like a TV is now a real TV. Through a new software update, the Echo Show 15 now supports Amazon Fire TV, allowing you to watch your favorite shows from multiple streaming services.

Platforms like YouTube, Disney Plus, and Paramount Plus have a new home in the Show 15’s interface. If you don’t mind spotting the 15.6-inch Full HD screen, you can use the newly developed virtual remote to navigate menus. This is especially useful as not all video apps are touch-enabled. However, if you intend to use or already have the display in your kitchen (Amazon already knows you know (opens in new tab)), it works with the third-generation Alexa Voice Remote so you can keep it smudge-free. Or you can use the Fire TV app; it’s all the same.

Ken Levine’s Judas trailer just dropped, and it looks like the best of BioShock

A new game from the team behind BioShock, titled Judas, was announced at The Game Awards with a trailer that showcases some of project lead Ken Levine’s masterful world-building and some elements familiar to longtime fans.

It’s the first game in development from Ghost Story Games, which formed out of the ashes of Irrational Games in 2017. Despite its rather limited runtime, the Judas trailer shows plenty to be excited about.

The best indie game of 2020 is getting a sequel

After two years we finally have the sequel we deserve, Hades II has been announced and we couldn’t be happier.

One of the first games to hit our radar at The Game Awards 2022 was the announcement of Hades II. For those who haven’t played the first game yet, this roguelike has you battling the myths of ancient Greek mythology.

Batman returns in new trailer for Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League

After nearly a year of silence, we finally have an update on Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League, with a new trailer shown off at The Game Awards.

We find the stars of Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League in a somewhat tricky location, despite having somehow captured The Flash, the crew of misfit villains are then confronted by Batman.

Dune Awakening in Engine Trailer Shows off the Series’ Stunning MMO World

An in-engine trailer for Dune Awakening was shown off at The Game Awards, which gives MMO fans their first look at how the sci-fi epic will translate into the RPG format. It’s being developed by the Funcom Age of Conan team, so it’s worth playing!

Whether you’re a fan of the books or movies, Dune Awakening is sure to be set on a grand scale, as the franchise isn’t exactly known for being fast-paced. Bear in mind that the trailer footage we saw is very pre-alpha, so things are tricky around the edges. However, there’s no doubt that what’s on display is Dune at its core.

Star Wars Jedi: Survivor Trailer Shows Infernal Beating

Time to look up and head to the stars; we’re finally getting Star Wars Jedi: Survivor. With the release date of March 17, 2023it’s safe to say we don’t have to wait light years.

It’s been over three years since the release of Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order. Just when I thought I had my Star Wars filled with all the shows, Disney seems to be popping up; Star Wars Jedi: Survivor got me hooked again.