Best 48, 49, 50-inch TVs 2022, for every budget

Editor’s Note: October 2022

While stock is still available, the LG C1 is our pick as the best 48- to 50-inch TV because there’s no better balance of image quality, features and price. That’s because it’s a TV from 2021, but its features and image quality haven’t actually been meaningfully beaten by newer TVs – despite its massive price drops over time.

Most recently, we added the new LG A2 OLED TV to this list. It’s going to be a budget smash later in the year once prices settle down, but for now it’s overshadowed by the C1 in particular.

Matt Bolton, Senior Editor – TV & Audio

The best 48, 49 and 50-inch TVs are the best TVs for most people: if you want a real home theater experience but don’t have the money or room for a giant television, this is the sweet spot. That’s because at this size you get the benefits of 4K resolution, the rich contrast of HDR and the great colours of modern TV tech, but you don’t have to take out a second mortgage or throw out all your furniture to make room for it.

There’s another reason that this is the sweet spot for TVs, and that’s because at this size you’re absolutely spoilt for choice. There are tons of really great TVs at equally great prices, and you might be surprised by just how much cutting-edge TV tech you can get without having to splash too much cash. You’ll find some of the very best TVs in this part of the market, with cutting-edge image processing and advanced panel tech – and these days, the choice even includes some of the best OLED TVs. OLEDs are fiendishly difficult to make in smaller sizes and until very recently the smallest models you could get were 55 inches, but manufacturers have come up with increasingly clever manufacturing techniques and you can now get OLED TVs under 50 inches too.

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