Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5 could fix one of the Z Flip 4’s biggest problems

With the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4, Samsung has almost perfected the clamshell folding phone, but there are still some notable issues, and at least one of them can be solved with the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5.

According to Ross Young (opens in new tab) β€” a leaker with a solid track record β€” the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5 will likely have a 3-inch+ cover screen. In response to the tweet where they made this claim (stained by GSMArena (opens in new tab)) they caught more specific (opens in new tab)saying it will probably be around 3.3 to 3.4 inches.

Get 80+ games and help charity with Yogcast’s Jingle Jam Christmas Bundle

As the nights get darker and your heating bills rise, you might be thinking of those less fortunate than you this holiday season. If you want to give back to a particularly worthy cause, Yogscast’s Jingle Jam 2022 has everything a generous gamer needs to do some good this winter, while also reaping the benefits of some cool new games.

If you worked through best pc games and need a pack to play over Christmas, then you should tune in to Jungle Jam streams. From December 1-14, streamers will unite to raise awareness for this year’s edition of jingle jam (opens in new tab)πŸ‡§πŸ‡·

The Rings of Power season 2 drops a big-name star as the main character is recast

Rings of Power season 2 will see a new actor playing Adar after Joseph Mawle surprisingly left the project.

Announced in a press release, Amazon Studios has confirmed that Mawle has been replaced by Sam Hazeldine (Peaky Blinders) in the second season of its popular Prime Video show.

The Mandalorian season 3 release date has been pushed back β€” but not much

The Mandalorian season 3 has finally been given a concrete release date on Disney Plus – and it’s just a little later than expected.

The Star Wars TV show will return to our screens on March 1, 2023, having originally been slated for a February release. The official release date for season 3 was revealed at Comic-Con in Brazil, along with new set images and an extended version of the already released teaser trailer, which supposedly shows Grogu using the force (opens in new tab)πŸ‡§πŸ‡·

BOE unveils 600Hz laptop display, and we’re tired of this refresh rate nonsense

BOE (Beijing Oriental Electronics) has unveiled a new screen with the fastest refresh rate ever seen, an impressive 600 Hz to be precise.

The screen in question is actually a laptop screen, a 16-inch LCD that the Chinese site Is at home (opens in new tab) called our attention (through Tom’s hardware (opens in new tab)πŸ‡§πŸ‡·

High-end QD-OLED TVs could reach 8K sooner than you think

QD-OLED appears to have taken one step closer to becoming the display technology to beat, with 8K TVs and high-resolution displays featuring the next-gen panels about to hit production lines for the first time.

As reported by FlatpanelsHDSamsung Display probably just acquired the machinery that would allow it to begin mass-manufacturing the high-density panels that could appear in the best 8K TVs or super-detailed monitors.

Atomi’s newest e-scooter doubles down on safety but remains neutral on other features

E-scooter brand Atomi has launched a new flagship, the Alpha, with a greater emphasis on safety than most. This results in some features that, surprisingly, many other e-scooters lack, such as turn signals for the streets.

There are other scooters like the NIU KQi3 Pro, which use LED headlights, brake lights and reflectors for safety (all of which the Alpha also has), but for the most part companies stop there. Atom, however, decided add more than the basics (opens in new tab)πŸ‡§πŸ‡· In addition to turn signals, the Alpha is equipped with a customizable ambient light series (opens in new tab) under deck and in the bow that will be useful for night trips. You can control them through the Atomi app, where you change the color of the lights and their pattern. For the turn signals, there are physical switches on the handlebars similar to a car.

The DJI Mini 3 is Leaked – and It Might Be the Best Drone for Beginners

The DJI Mini 3 drone is getting ready to take off, according to some new leaked images – and it could replace the DJI Mini 2 as our best flying camera for beginners.

Mini 3 images have arrived courtesy of the Twitter account @DealsDrone (opens in new tab), which has become a trusted source of DJI leaks in recent years. And in the Tweet (below), the photos are accompanied by the words “DJI Mini 3 coming soon”.

Today’s Google Doodle introduces the father of video game cartridges

If you’ve used Google today, you may have noticed that the Google Doodle is focused on games, highlighting Gerald (Jerry) Lawson: the father of video game cartridges.

I love a good Google Doodle, especially an interactive one. There’s no better way to fill up time at work than playing some Doodle games between surveys. But this time, in honor of Jerry Lawson, you can make your own.

Don’t miss your chance to play this sci-fi co-op shooter on Xbox Game Pass

For any sci-fi horror fan, it’s hard to imagine a world without 1979’s Alien – or its countless sequels and spin-offs.

Fortunately, we don’t have to ponder such a meaningless existence; there’s still time to get caught up in your action shooting successor before you leave Xbox Game Pass for good.

Aliens: Fireteam Elite is one of 11 games set to pack up and leave the Game Pass roster on December 15th. Of course, we’ll be comforted by 11 new titles to sink our Facehuggers to, but now’s a good time to head to the USS Endeavor for one last alien blast with your pals. Think war zonebut with Xenomorphs and a plot.

(Image credit: Cold Iron Studios)

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