DDR5 prices are plummeting, just in time for a high-end PC upgrade

DDR5 RAM has technically been available on major computing platforms since the launch of Alder Lake and the Z690 chipset, although most PC gamers and building enthusiasts have given up on buying it sooner because of the astronomical prices. Fortunately, the cost of DDR5 RAM is dropping rapidly, dropping 20% ​​in just four weeks.

As reported by VideoCardz (opens in new tab) (with reports of Computer Base (opens in new tab)), DDR5-4800 memory is now available for less than €5 per gigabyte (about $5 / £4 / AU$7.50), a huge improvement over the average of €15 per gigabyte (about $16 / £13 / AU$22) that we were seeing in late 2021.

In practical buying terms, this means that where a standard kit of 32GB of DDR5-4800 memory cost €470 ($500 / £400 / AU$700) at the end of 2021, it will now cost a more reasonable €154. ($165 / £131 / AU$230).

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